Shelters remind adopters to employ barn cats

GEORGETOWN, Del. – If you own a barn or a warehouse or even a brewery, you could hire a very cute and hard-working employee.

We’re talking about cats!

Local shelters are reminding people that sometimes cats who are not social or snuggly would make perfect barn cats.

Cats are great at catching mice, rodents, or even bugs, and local shelters say they can be the perfect employee on farms to do just that.

Officials say hiring a cat is a win win situation, because you get pest control and the cats get to live a fulfilling life.

“It is also like an enrichment thing for them, a lot of cats want to be doing that type of thing, and aren’t just, like I said, lap cats and want to be snuggling all day, they prefer to have something to do and be on the move,” Chris Farrall with the Brandywine Valley SPCA said.

The Brandywine Valley SPCA’s Georgetown location tells 47 ABC that in some situations, people who adopt barn cats and put them to work could get reduced or waived adoption fees.

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