Shelters are preparing for the upcoming cold season

SALISBURY, MD-  As winter approaches, it is time to get prepared for the cold climate. That is why shelters and organizations are helping people in need to get the necessities.

HOPE Inc. and HALO are just two of the many places providing services to the community during this upcoming season. They are collecting clothes and food to pass along to people who walk through their doors, but they say it is during this time they see an even bigger importance to provide these necessities, since the number of people who need help increases.

“We add extra beds when it gets really cold, cots, and then we also did a coat drive the other day and gave out coats to all our guests and those who came up for dinner,” Angel Simpson, Center of Hope Program Administrator, said.

Although these places provide supplies and food, there is only so much they can do. So, the community’s donations of coats, scarves, hand warmers, socks, along with other materials, could have a positive impact.

“I just hope that people will remember us at their end of the year giving, our grant funding is down and we need donations this year,” Donna Clark, Director of HOPE Inc., said.

In addition to needing more donations, they are also looking for volunteers during this busy time.

“Always looking for volunteer, I mean we are a volunteer based organization and so we cant do it without our volunteers,” Simpson said.

HOPE Inc. and HALO said that although they are just getting started with preparations, they are looking forward to a successful year.

These shelters also are reminding people about Giving Tuesday that will take place later this month, which allows people to donate money to various non-profits across the eastern shore.

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