Salisbury’s Green Team launches new cleanup efforts

SALISBURY, Md. – While many of us were sleeping, people braved the cold on Saturday to help clean up around Salisbury’s riverwalk.

The event was led by members of Salisbury’s Green Team.

It is all part of the group’s first ever series of cleanup efforts at the riverwalk on the third weekend of every month.

Many of them picked up things like cigarette buds and plastic.

Organizers say these cleanups are critical for the environment.

They say it is these sort of events that will help bring positive changes for the community in the future.

“So, one thing we find is that when you see people that are out caring about the environment, helping to pick up they’re a lot less likely to throw that cup outside your window to litter, so seeing that people are taking initiative and really taking steps to protecting is hoping to inspire others to do the same,” said the City of Salisbury’s Sustainability Coordinator Alyssa Hastings.

Salisbury’s Green Team will continue these cleanup efforts next year and everyone is encouraged to participate.

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