Salisbury University students hold ‘blackout’ protest following racist incident

SALISBURY, Md. – After Monday’s disturbing news of racist messages written on the walls of a building at Salisbury University, students took to the streets on campus to protest and demand change from the institution. For thirty minutes, students chanted phrases like, “No justice, no peace.” They say they’re fed up with issues like this being swept under the rug, and they won’t stand for it anymore. Students were decked out in all black with signs and posters saying things like ‘Hate has no home here,’ and they were just getting started. It was a sea of black with students of all races standing in solidarity to show that messages like these will not be tolerated. They say instead of it being a time where students are divided, this is actually bringing them all together to prove that they’re stronger in numbers and that they will not stand for any type of discrimination.

“Tonight is a gathering of different cultures to basically spark change. This is actually a death to racism, a death to hate speech, and we’re doing a revival for unity and community,” said senior Markiera Saunders.

Students marched all the way from Fulton Hall where the messages were written to the Academic Commons where they met administrators to discuss the incidents. Unfortunately, no media or cameras were allowed inside for that meeting. The University also put out a statement regarding the recent incident and said that the SU Police Department is working with other law enforcement agencies at the moment. They add that any suspect arrested in connection with the incidents will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, as well as through applicable University policies.



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