Hundreds Possibly Exposed to TB at Dover Hospital

Dover, Del. – 200 people are learning they may have come into contact with tuberculosis at Bayhealth Hospital in Dover.  The people impacted are now advised to get tested right away.  According to a statement from Delaware Health officials, the exposures happened between February and August of this year.

Chukwuka Bosah, a physician assistant from Salisbury Expresscare says many people have been infected with the disease and don’t even know it until they notice a few things.

“Many of the patients I’ve seen will come in with a cough or they have a prolonged cough. Usually, they have night sweats and a fever with it too” says Bosah.

The medical situation was discovered over the summer when health officials were looking into a TB case.

In a statement, officials say that the case was related to seven other cases.

And When they traced the origin, they found one of a cluster of patients may have come into contact with hundreds of people at Bayhealth hospital.

Bosah says its best to get a doctor and find out if you’ve been exposed because TB can become deadly if it’s ignored.

“If you have a family member or friend or hint of anyone around you with TB you should follow up. Don’t wait to have symptoms. To go get tested. Because the earlier the better.”

In a statement from Bayhealth, hospital leaders say all employees who might have been exposed are being tested.

They also say anyone who didn’t get a letter from Delaware’s Public Health Division shouldn’t worry.

If you’d like to learn more about TB, we have more info here:


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