Homeowners raise concerns about Delmar intersection

DELMAR, Del. – Homeowners are raising concerns about the Horsey Church Road, Route 54 intersection in Delmar.

David Cox, a homeowner said, “It’s been a problem ever since I’ve been here.”

We’re told every day, people blow right through the stop signs at the intersection.

Cox said, “They just don’t stop.”

James Hill, another concerned homeowner said, “They’re running it, which is very hazardous for people who are not alert and not familiar with the area.”

Homeowners say several accidents have happened at the intersection over the years.

Cox said, “It’s just gotten worse and worse.”

We’re told the problems got worse when the state installed a third stop sign on Horsey Church Road.

Hill said, “So now you have all people confused, so they’ll stop when they don’t need to and the ones that need to stop they don’t stop.”

Some worry that it’s only a matter of time before a deadly accident happens at the intersection.

Hill said, “Eventually something is going to need to be done before someone has an accident and it may cause a life.”

People who live in the area say they think the stretch of road between Route 54 and Horsey Church Road should be closed off to traffic to solve the problem.

Cox said, “I think they need to take that road out.”

Overall, people in the area hope the state takes action soon so they can feel safe when driving through the intersection.

Hill said, “That would be something that somebody with DelDOT would have to come see it and observe it and see what the best solution would be.”

On Friday, we got in touch with DelDOT. They said, “This intersection has not been studied recently to determine whether any safety improvements or modifications are needed but we will do so.”

We also got in touch with Delaware State Police. They said they have received several complaints of speeding in the area and have used patrols in the area to try to crack down on it.

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