Experts say now is the time to book for Christmas and New Years

SALISBURY, Md – If you haven’t booked your flights for Thanksgiving yet, you may be in luck, but you may also have to leave a lot earlier than expected.

According to a search on Google Flights flying out November 20th could cost you roughly 200 dollars less than flying on the 27th, the day before Thanksgiving.

Experts say the peak travel time for the November holiday can start as early as the weekend before.

“Pretty much it all increases between that Friday before Thanksgiving around through because those that are taking the whole week off want to get ahead of the traffic and have more time where they’re going those that are working Monday or Tuesday they’re trying to get out Tuesday night and Wednesday,” said Dawn Veatch, manager of the SBY Regional Airport.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to book flights for Christmas or New Years, experts say buying sooner is always better.

“Always book early, as soon as you know you’re going to travel that’s the best time to buy your ticket,” said Jackie Jennings, director of corporate communications for Piedmont Airlines.


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