Delaware Church needs your help to build permanent home

FRANKFORD, Del. – One building in Frankford is just one the spaces that High Tide Church has been working out of for years, but they need your help to do more.

“We started High Tide Church in our home, at our first bible study we had 12 people come, and it’s grown to several hundred people over the past 17 years,” Andy Ehlers, Pastor at the church, said.

Several hundred people that are now coming together throughout the week to pray, to listen, and to love.

The problem? Right now those several hundred people that make up High Tide Church don’t have a building to call their own.

Instead, they’ve met all across Sussex County.

“We’ve met in elementary schools, we’ve met in fire halls,” Ehlers said.

But moving around the county, renting and borrowing space, has become a road block for the church.

“It has been a burden to have to depend upon like a fire hall or a school to allow us to use it,” Tanya Ehlers, Children’s Director at the Church, said.

So now the church is ready to have their own four walls.

“We do need a place to worship and we need our own place, and it needs to be a center where we can go out and do more,” Andy Ehlers said.

Being able to do that comes with a big price tag.

“Our total project is $1.5 million. We’ve set a goal as the church to try to raise $750,000 of that through pledges, and through offerings,” Andy Ehlers said.

But this building is about more than just a permanent foundation. Church leaders say it’s an opportunity to help the community in ways that they currently can’t.

“To be able to have a space where people can come when they need counseling, or need help in different ways, to have that would be helpful,” Tanya Ehlers said.

And for these church members, helping each other through life and worship is what it’s all about.

“Life is challenging and difficult at times, and to have a support system and people that care, and that love, and that want to be a part of your life, is just amazing,” Andy Ehlers said.

If you want to donate to the church’s new building, you can visit their website at

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