Damaged road signs under investigation in Caroline Co.

CAROLINE COUNTY, Md. – In a matter of two nights police say someone ran over 12 road signs and stole one at different spots across Caroline County.

“It appears to be some type of small pickup truck or motor vehicle that has ran over the sign,” said Lieutenant Donald Baker, at the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office.

Caroline County Sheriff’s Office says they started to get reports about road signs run over Monday at around 6 at night.

“Evidently, there’s maybe a group of folks running around doing damage to property,” said Michael Martin, a local farmer.

Police say they have visited a couple areas and have gathered evidence, but have yet to build a strong case.

“We have no description of the suspect, no description on the vehicle that’s being used,” said Baker.

Outside of where the crimes happened places like American Corner Road, Richardson Road, and Nagel Road investigators are at a loss, and for the community that is a problem.

“A stop sign is up there for people to stop to stop at the stop sign,” said Martin, “If you don’t stop at the stop sign then you’re liable to cause an accident, and none of us want that,” said Martin.

“It’s understandable that there’s really not much do to out in a rural area, so these folks make their own fun, but they don’t realize that their fun is very dangerous,” said Martin.

Police are happy to report that signs have been replaced and accidents were avoided, but that does not mean they have let their guard down.

“Deputies are going door to door,” said Baker.

“We’ve also increased patrols in the area for deputies to be seen in the area to try to deter further damage of the road signs,” said Baker.

The Caroline County Sheriff’s Office says they will press serious charges against anyone involved if an accident does result from the vandalism.

If you have any information about these incidents you are encouraged to reach out to the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office at 410-479-4123.

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