Crisfield hit by water main breaks, locals say “Do it right, the first time”

CRISFIELD, Md. – Crisfield residents are finally getting some relief after experiencing issues with their water for more than a week. For the last ten days, they haven’t had consistent water to their homes which makes washing dishes, showering and even flushing a toilet nearly impossible.

“It should be better. They should be putting new pipes in the ground. They should’ve had this taken care of a long time ago. We shouldn’t have this problem. Every other day it seems like a pipe breaks,” says Joseph Elliott, a former Crisfield resident.

The city says the most recent problem, a water main break that happened early Thursday morning, is now fixed. While things are up and running now, locals say the bigger picture here is the aging infrastructure.

“It’s very bad. Residents have to put up with no water. They can’t drink the water because the water is bad to drink. Personally, you have to go buy bottled water,” says Elliott.

The original water main break happened on November 12th. “We patched it last week and then made plans overnight, last night, to do the balance of the repairs,” says Rick Pollitt, Crisfield City Manager.

But that didn’t seem to address all the problems, lying below the surface. “Once the service was restored, water was flowing, one of our valves failed. There was water gushing out through the street,” says Pollitt.

Thursday morning, crews discovered the problem was more complex than they thought. “These are some of the bolts that hold the valve together and once the water service was restored I’m guessing that the pressure was too much for them,” says Pollitt.

City officials tell 47 ABC they understand residents’ frustration.

“It’s as inconvenient to us as it is to everyone else,” says Pollitt. “We wish we had more time to let people know ahead of time. But that’s the nature of emergencies. But we’re doing the very best we can with the resources we have.”

While things are patched up for now, residents hope the city is learning from these situations because they say it happens way too often.

“They need to go out and buy new pipes and do it right the first time. They’ve dug that street up on Chesapeake I don’t know how many times in the last couple of years. They keep digging it up,” says Elliott.

The water main break was repaired around 1 p.m. on Thursday, so everything seems to be working now. But there is a boil water advisory. Residents who are serviced by the city need to boil their water before drinking or cooking with it but it’s not necessary to do so for bathing.

Officials add that if your water is discolored, you should run it from the sink until it gets clear.

For more information contact Crisfield City Hall at 410-968-1333. Or visit their Facebook for updates from officials.

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