Conaway’s victim speaks at sentencing: “My world shattered”

SUSSEX CO., Del. – Clay Conaway will spend the next five years in jail for raping a woman in June of 2018. The sentence was handed down in Sussex County court on Friday just moments after his victim read her impact statement.

The sentencing comes after the 23-year-old met a woman on a dating app and then raped her at his Georgetown home on June 20, 2018. It’s a night his victim recalled countless times during her almost 10 hours of testimony.

Then, again in court on Friday, Conaway’s victim faced her rapist. She spent almost 10 minutes reading her impact statement out loud to the court. She says Conaway was “only interested in what he could take from me…my world shattered that day…I will carry it for the rest of my life.” She described Conaway’s actions as “cowardly” and “selfish”.

Conaway’s defense attorney tells 47 ABC the first chance he may have at early release is in three years. Right now, they don’t plan to appeal the five year sentence because they say the judge made all the right rulings.

“Judge Stokes really conducted an extremely thoughtful trial process. He did something I’ve never seen a judge do, I requested it, and that was to swear each juror that came forward and said I’ve heard something about the case and put them under oath to impress upon them how important it is to be 100 percent honest,” says Joe Hurley, Conaway’s defense attorney.

In all, Conaway’s victim has waited more than 500 days for justice to be served. She says the time after she was raped was “the most difficult year of my life”. But she came forward to “seek justice for a violent crime that’s often left unreported”.

Clay Conaway will get credit for the 63 days he’s served in jail so far. Once he’s released, he’ll serve one year in home confinement and two years of GPS monitored probation.

This is the first of six cases against Conaway who is now being held at Sussex Correctional Institution.

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