Community rallies around Milton family

LEWES, Del. – “He’s got a long road, but if anybody can do it, Darin can,” said John Roder.

Thousands of people from across the east coast rallied on Saturday to support Darin McMahon after he was tragically shot.

“He’s basically paralyzed from the neck down right now and it’s just devastating,” said Chris Jacona, owner of the Wheelhouse Restaurant & Bar.

McMahon was struck by gunfire during a training drill in Pennsylvania back in September.

“One day you’re with your kids, you’re running outside and you’re hugging your wife and the next day that ceased and it’s no longer there,” said Roder.

Chris Jacona says he is still wrapping his mind around what had happened to his friend.

“I still try to kind of comprehend what actually happened,” said Jacona.

“It’s hard to understand how something like that can happen, but I guess it can,” said Jacona.

That is why on Saturday he started the First Annual Battle of the Food Trucks to help McMahon and his family with medical bills and new changes moving forward.

“His whole house has to be redone obviously for accessibility and for family just to be able to help him get around the house,” said Jacona.

Despite the challenges, people in the community continue to keep their faith alive.

“I believe in miracles and he’s going to walk again and he’s going to get his strength back,” said Bobbe Sade, the owner of Lady & Mane Barbershop.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to raise funds for McMahon and his family.

For more information on how you can help, click here.

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