Cambridge teacher seeks seat on Maryland Education Board

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – “It’s long overdue that we have that perspective on the board to have a voice for teachers and advocates for students,” said Crystal Owens, a third grade teacher at Choptank Elementary School.

For the first time ever, a teacher will be elected to sit on the Maryland State Board of Education.

As of Wednesday, 13 candidates wanted that job, but there is only one that would be from the Eastern Shore.

On the ballot is Choptank Elementary School third grade teacher Crystal Owens, a community advocate who has transformed the lives of hundreds.

“In Dorchester County, we are all about having a voice and making sure your voice is heard,” said Owens.

“She really loves what she does and if you ever go in her classroom and see her interact with kids, it comes through,” said Emma Pinkett, principal at Choptank Elementary School.

Educators say there is a huge lack of representation for both teachers and parents across the state.

They say board members are lacking education experience.

“We’re the ones everyday that are with the children, everyday teaching our lessons,” said Owens.

“We’ve had people on the board who may or may not have had the experience of actually working in a school and actually working with students or actually know what a school day consists of,” said Pinkett.

Choptank Elementary School Principal Emma Pinkett says there are not enough resources for schools across the shore.

She believes Owens will do everything she can to fix this situation and more.

“Sometimes those of us here on the Eastern Shore, we do get looked over and we’re not always considered in some things, and I think that she will keep that at the forefront as she works to make sure that all students across Maryland are getting a fair shake,” said Pinkett.

The election will wrap up on Sunday and results will be announced on December 23.

All teachers are being encouraged to participate.

Another new seat on the board will be filled by a parent. Both the parent and teacher member terms will start this coming January.

For more information on the election, click here.

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