Tidal flooding submerges roads in Crisfield

CRISFIELD, Md. – “For flooding, this is pretty bad,” said Ryan Evans, a Crisfield resident.

“There’s nothing like Sandy, but it’s been pretty bad for tide and all,” said Evans.

“Honestly, this is the craziest I’ve seen,” said Taron Roberts, a Crisfield resident.

Crisfield residents say flooded streets and homes surrounded by water this weekend has raised significant concerns within the community. People trudged through the floodwater outside to try to get across their neighborhood.

“With the tides coming in, you can’t get out,” said Roberts, “I mean it’s hard.”

Some residents say, it is a challenge to just get out of their homes. Shantrice Saunders says the tidal flooding has kept her and her three-month old baby stranded for days.

“My 3-month son we were stranded at my sister’s house all weekend, and I couldn’t walk on foot because I have some health issues, which prevents me from walking back and forth in the water,” said Saunders.

This weekend, public safety officials urged residents to stay home. Police were forced to close off areas including Cove Street, Somerset Avenue and North First Street forcing some residents to walk through the flood waters.

“The roads are blocked off and it’s just hard for people to get out and move around to do normal things,” said Roberts.

“My friend had to walk all the way across town because I needed more diapers because I got stranded across town by McCready,” said Saunders.

With so many hurdles, residents had one message for city officials.

“Fix up the community cause this is bad, this is sad out here,” said Saunders.

“Hopefully things will be better,” said Evans.

Due to flooding in low lying areas of the county, schools will be closed on Monday, Oct. 14, according to Somerset County Public Schools.

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