Salisbury group creates radio and television show for Haitian community

SALISBURY, Md. – It may look like an ordinary room, but when it’s time for lights, camera, action, it turns into an information hub for the Haitian community.

“People need someone to teach them, to inform them, to motivate them, to advise them,” said the office director for the Wozo Marketing Group, Mivida


Every Friday, members of the Wozo Marketing Group shoot edit and record their own radio and television broadcasts that air live online for the Haitian community to see. Discussing anything and everything from education to politics and more happening around the area, and translating that to Creole.

“They don’t have time to listen to it or to understand it. That’s why we are here to bring it to them in their own language,” said CEO Roosevelt Pierre.

Officials say the Wozo Marketing Group was created back in 2005 after the CEO realized there was little to no way for Haitians in the area to understand news broadcasts or tv programs. Leaving them primarily in the dark.

“We have to let our Haitian community what has happened. When the winter comes, people go out without evening knowing what the temperature is, a lot of accidents happen,” said marketing manager, Fritz Jeudi.

And they say platforms like this are critical to shine a spotlight on the community.

“If you don’t have any voice, if you do not have anyone to talk for you, that’s when you don’t exist,” said Pierre.

And while this group has seen much success so far, they say they won’t stop until they reach the very top. They add that they’re always looking for other members and groups to partner with to help expand their services. If you’re interested in helping you can give the group a call at 443- 358-0430 to get more information.


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