Salisbury city employees spend day helping others

SALISBURY, Md. – Friday Salisbury City employees spent their day partnering with the non-profit Chesapeake Housing Mission to give residents a more secure and livable place to live.

At both Ohio Avenue and Pierce Avenue crews from the city, including members of the Salisbury Fire Department and Salisbury Police Department, built handicap accessible ramps for those in need.

“Oh I am just so thrilled and delighted, we’ve waited three years for it and we’re just so grateful for the mission people that are giving up their time and their life so that they can help us out,” said Sheryl Peters, who uses a wheelchair to get around. ” I’m just so thankful now that I’ll be able to get in and out without having to worry about falling down the steps or my knees giving out.”

“It’s pretty amazing, its life-changing to be able to see what it does for our clients to be able to help them have easier access out of their home something that probably each one of us takes for granted,” said Jill Fears, Volunteer Coordinator for Chesapeake Housing Mission.

And that’s why city officials like Salisbury Mayor Jake day and Salisbury Police Chief Barbara Duncan say doing these team builds are worth it.

“We get to come together as a team and build a ramp and improve somebody’s life why wouldn’t you wanna do it,” said Duncan.

” The best part of the day is always at the end when the person sees their finished product in the front or side of their home and you all get to throw your arms around each other, hug and take a picture together,” Day said.

If you’d like to lend a hand, you can get involved too. Just log on to Chesapeake Housing for more information.

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