Safety upgrades coming to Dover intersection

DOVER, Del. – Too many accidents. It is one situation public safety officials say has raised major concerns at the Forrest Avenue and Saulsbury Road intersection in Dover.

“It’s pretty wild,” said Randy McConnell, a Dover resident.

“I mean always the cops are, the police always come write the tickets, do investigations and all of that,” said McConnell.

“At this intersection, we see an especially high number of rear-end collisions,” said the DelDOT Spokesperson, C.R. McLeod.

Now authorities are taking action.

“Just in a three year seen period, we’ve seen nearly a hundred crashes at this intersection and working with the City of Dover we decided that it was time to do something,” said McLeod.

That something involves a three-million dollar project. One that includes extending the roadway plus the addition of a second through lane.

“So, what we’re looking to do is add another through lane at the intersection to help improve traffic flow,” said McLeod.

“Widening the roads definitely would help,” said McConnell.

Some local businesses say this new project is long overdue.

They say there are too many reckless drivers in the area.

“There’s so many wrecks on this road, from doing u-turns, and people going down the wrong lanes,” said McConnell.

Authorities say this area is booming. So, they hope that by fixing the roads the community will be safer for years to come.

DelDOT officials say they are currently in the design phase of the project.

They hope to start construction by the summer of 2021.

According to McLeod, there will also be a new bike lane added as well as a pedestrian path.

Authorities hope these new additions will help to improve safety.

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