Police urge parents to check Halloween candy before eating

SALISBURY, Md. – Kids across Delmarva will be bringing home bags full of candy after trick or treating, but officials are warning parents to make sure kids stay safe this Halloween.

Officers with the Salisbury Police Department tell 47 ABC that parents should take precautions when they’re out walking around with their children and make sure costumes have some sort of reflective gear on them.

If you’re driving around while trick or treaters are out, police say you should drive extra slow and be prepared for kids running around outside.

And after your children bring those big buckets of candy home, police say you should definitely make sure you check that candy before handing it over to the kids.

“Inspect the candy as much as possible, and thoroughly, if there’s pinholes, if the wrapper is opened in any way, throw it out. When in doubt, throw it out,” Captain Rich Kaiser with the Salisbury Police Department says.

Several towns across our area have changed the date and time of trick or treating because of weather, so be sure to reach out to your town officials to see when trick or treating will take place where you live.

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