Police: THC candy in nearby states, be cautious this Halloween

SALISBURY, Md. – With Halloween just two weeks away, police are speaking up after some nearby states found THC candy.

A Pennsylvania Police Department posted pictures of candy that has 400 milligrams of THC and are disguised as Nerd Ropes. It’s gotten a lot of attention online so 47 ABC decided to ask local police about their concerns. While Salisbury Police haven’t gotten any reports of this issue here, they do warn parents to check all their kids’ Halloween candy to make sure they aren’t eating something dangerous.

“Look for unopened packages, pin hole needles in candy packaging, anything that looks odd or off, discoloration, stuff like that we want to make sure. A good phrase is ‘When in doubt throw it out,'” says Sgt. Matthew Thompsen with the Salisbury Police Department.

Police also recommend that you be very cautious of food that is hand packaged like baked goods. Additionally, make sure to read the labels on candy because the THC candy looks normal at first glance but it does have a warning on the label that says “for medical use only”.

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