Parsons Cemetery volunteers seek support for preservation

SALISBURY, Md. – One group of volunteers is doing everything they can to keep the historic Parsons Cemetery in Salisbury alive.

“Basically to preserve the history that is right here in Parsons Cemetery,” said Carol Smith, a committee member at Parsons Cemetery.

Carol Smith who volunteers as a committee member at Parsons Cemetery says some of the older headstones here are crumbling.

“Occasionally they start to lean, tilt, break and otherwise are damaged,” said Smith.

On top of this, Smith says the grass often grows taller than some would like, and they do not want to wind up like other cemeteries that have been neglected.

“You’ve been by cemeteries that are not maintained,” said the Cemetery Manager, Rusty Barns.

“It’s probably one of the saddest things you ever see,” said Barns.

Smith says more and more people are coming in bus tours to visit this historic spot forcing the committee to meet new demands.

“With the interest comes a whole lot more inquiries and that part is almost overwhelming, so we really need people to help us,” said Smith.

Committee members say they need people to volunteer to fill positions like fundraising coordinator, landscaping coordinator, historian and more.

“To make ourselves relevant, to remind people of what history is really here and by reminding people of the history in Parsons Cemetery,” said Smith.

But, ultimately and perhaps most importantly, they need people to donate so that this cemetery can thrive.

“So that 50 years from now, the grass will still be cut as needed, the roads repaired when required,” said Smith.

The Parsons Cemetery Committee is looking to raise a total of 2 million dollars to keep up with demands. They have already raised a little more than half of that money.

For more information on how you can donate contact Rick Fahey at or 410-742-6163.

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