Ocean City leaders meet to update the town’s Strategic Plan

OCEAN CITY, Md. – On Tuesday, Ocean City leaders got together to update the town’s Strategic Plan.

Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan said, “This is a great opportunity for the mayor and council to sit with all the department heads, review what we talked about two years ago, this is an update to that strategic plan.”

Tourism, economic development, public safety, legislation, policy goals and new revenue were all things that were touched on at Tuesday’s meeting.

Jessica Waters, the Communications Manager for the Town of Ocean City said, “The idea for today is to create a road map for the future that moves us toward the mayors and city councils mission and vision.”

On Tuesday, town leaders discussed how to make several things happen in the town like: The construction of a new sports complex, the addition of more lighting to bus stops and the replacement of boards on the boardwalk.

Mayor Meehan said, “Our boardwalk needs to be redefined. That’s something that’s critical, we’re going to have to address that.”

Town leaders also addressed how to increase tourism, because the overall goal with all of this is to make Ocean City a better place to live and visit moving forward.

Mayor Meehan said, “We want to define who our tourist is, who our visitor is, what we really want to be, so do we want to be a seasonal community? Or do we want to continue to grow and expand what we currently do and realize we are a year round community?”

We’re told the Strategic Plan will be made available to the public once it’s complete, which could take a little while.

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