New emergency cell tower goes up

MILLSBORO, Del. – In just a matter of weeks, a new Millsboro cell tower will be up and running promising guaranteed phone access for any type of service condition across Sussex County.

“It will have devices to enhance communications for first responders and all fire EMS and police networks,” said Patrick Miller, president at the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company.

This new cell tower is part of AT&T’s First Net emergency responder initiative, which is designed to expand connectivity for all first responders.

“That connectivity is your only way for you to be able to have direct information immediately,” said Millsboro Police Department Chief Brian Calloway.

That is why the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company jumped on board and got it built right on their grounds, while replacing their old tower.

They say this new addition is critical for first responders in the county.

“Sometimes we get into dead zones and we get into areas where we have poor communications,” said Miller.

And with this cell tower, they’ll be able to rely less on their trucks and certain older communication devices.

“The more towers, the more receivers, the more senders, the better the communications,” said Miller.

Although this all may sound promising, people like Millsboro Police Chief Brian Calloway say they will have to make sure they are ready to make any changes.

“Some organizations may throttle back your service and with digital information being where law enforcement is going today if you’re throttled back then that digital information is also slowed down,” said Calloway.

The Indian River Volunteer Fire Company says that by switching from their old tower to AT&T’s, they will get some additional money they hope to use for new equipment.

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