Local little league team in desperate need of volunteers

HURLOCK, Md. – The Tri City Little League is in desperate need of volunteers.

Bill Boyle, the President of the Tri City Little League said, “For the past two or three years, we haven’t had a full Board [of Directors], so it’s been leaving a lot of extra responsibilities on the Board members that we do have.”

If they don’t get enough volunteers, they won’t have a 2020 season.

Boyle said, “It would be a real shame.”

The Tri City Little League covers the Hurlock, Secretary, Vienna and East New Market areas. It’s been in operation since 1954.

Boyle said, “Tri City covers [ages ranging] from 5 to 16 years old. We have T-ball, girls softball, boys baseball, and we also have minor league, major league, junior and senior league baseball and softball.”

Right now, the League needs to fill seven positions on their Board.

Boyle said, “Some of the positions we have open right now are Vice President of Baseball, Concession Manager, Umpire in Chief, Uniforms, Field Maintenance and I believe we have a couple others.”

If they don’t get enough of these positions filled, it would stretch their current volunteers thin.

“It’s not fair to the five or six Board members that will be there picking up all the responsibilities of a full Board. It basically will become a full time job for them,” Boyle said.

If the League has to cancel their 2020 season due a lack of volunteers, players would have to go elsewhere.

Boyle said, “Little League National would divide up our territory and the kids would either have to go to Cambridge, South Caroline or Delmar to play, but that would be up to Little League National.”

So if you’re willing to donate some of your time, you’re asked to volunteer to help keep this Little League running.

Boyle said, “We all can spare one or two hours every month and it’s for a great cause.”

The Tri City Little League will be hosting a public meeting at the Hurlock Town Hall at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday. They hope to have nominations for their Board of Directors at that meeting. If not enough people sign up to volunteer, the Little League will have no choice but to cancel their 2020 season.