Local high school students aim to bring rooftop gardens to Salisbury

SALISBURY, Md. – Two high school students in Salisbury are looking to bring rooftop gardens to the city in hopes of bettering the environment. The project, which is known as the Salisbury Urban Rooftop Garden Effort, or S.U.R.G.E, was created to help prevent heat islands from being created in the city.
Sarah Forrestal and Anna Smith say as Salisbury continues to grow, it faces the threat of becoming significantly warmer than surrounding rural areas. But they say by creating these rooftop gardens, the plants can actually absorb that heat from the air and reduce temperatures. In addition to enhancing stormwater management and water quality.

“We’re thinking for Salisbury, as it grows, we’re thinking before it starts to heat up like Baltimore would, it would cool it down,” said Smith.

“We want to make it happen because if we make it happen and it works and it’s great, people will catch onto the idea and people will start to do it more,” said Forrestal

Both Forrestal and Smith plan to create the first rooftop garden on top of the Roadie Joe’s building. But in order to do this they need to raise about $3,000 and now they’re turning to the community for help. If you would like to help fund the project you can certainly do so by making a donation to the Ward Museum for SURGE.


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