Local 3-year-old is thriving after kidney donation from her father

PRINCESS ANNE, Md. – On Wednesday, we caught up with a local three year old who is thriving just six months after her father donated his kidney to her.

Charlotte Rice now has a newfound energy, and it’s all thanks to her new kidney.

You may remember that Charlotte was born without any kidneys. As a result, she had been on dialysis since she was just a baby.

Fortunately, Charlotte’s parents say she’s been responding exceptionally well to her new kidney and she’s now living life more like your typical three year old.

Wesley Rice, Charlotte’s dad and donor said, “I’m just overjoyed that both of our surgeries went well and that shes doing a lot better after the surgery and kind of being more like a normal three year old.”

Charlotte and her family will be taking part in the Kidney Walk in Salisbury on Sunday, October 13th.

There is still time to register, you can do that by logging onto the Kidney Walk Website.

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