Haunted Delmarva: Woodland, Delaware

WOODLAND, Del. – In Delaware, just off the Nanticoke River, you’ll come across a small community called Woodland.

Woodland is most well known for it’s Ferry, but it’s also known for its countless tales of dark hauntings.

Between a decapitation, a murder and a historic small pox outbreak, it’s safe to say that this community has seen its fair share of tragedy over the years

Mindie Burgoyne, the author of Haunted Eastern Shore said, “This is where young people go to scare themselves.”

Perhaps the most well known tragedy that took place in Woodland is the gruesome death of Maggie Bloxom.

Burgoyne said, “She was not only killed, she was killed in such a terrible way.”

One day, in the late 1800’s, Mindie says Maggie was crossing a bridge when her horse got spooked by a sudden clap of thunder.

Burgoyne said, “The horse went over the side of the bridge as did the carriage.”

It’s said that Maggie was decapitated in the accident.

“The place is kind of remembered as that tragic event place the place where that awful thing happened and after a while stories of hauntings came around,” Burgoyne said.

Rumor has it that on nights where there’s a full moon, you can call out to Maggie and she will make her presence known.

“One of the things that is strange, sort of paranormal, is in the forest they will see lights,” Mindie said. “The other thing that happens here is cars act up electronically or it might not start again.”

Some say you may even see Maggie’s apparition.

“You’ll see her and maybe she will be carrying her head in her hand,” Burgoyne said.

If you head closer to the Nanticoke River by the Woodland Ferry, you just might spot a different apparition, one belonging to a member of one of the most hated families in Delaware’s history. Burgoyne said Jacob Cannon, the cousin of the notorious Patty Cannon, was shot and killed right in front of his home by someone that owed him money.

Burgoyne said, “The Delaware courts indicted this man but never pursued him.”

It’s said that at random times, Jacob’s apparition can be seen wandering around where he was shot, which is right by the Woodland Ferry.

Right in this same area, a terrible tragedy unfolded. A third of Woodland’s population lost their lives as a result of a small pox outbreak in the year 1903.

Burgoyne said, “As soon as it was known that there was smallpox among some residents in Woodland, the local citizens begged the government to quarantine and they closed all the entrances and exits and don’t let anybody out or in.”

An entire community was left without medicine or food. Many starved to death. Others died as a result of lack of medical care.

Burgoyne said, “So these people that died were wrapped in a white sheet and all put in the same hole in a mass grave. It isn’t even marked, they don’t even really know where it is.”

All of these tragedies have left their mark on this quaint community. So the next time you pass through here, don’t be surprised if you have a paranormal encounter.

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