Haunted Delmarva: Holloway Hall

SALISBURY, Md. – If you ever visit Salisbury University, you’ll come across a beautiful brick building called Holloway Hall.

Mindie Burgoyne, author of Haunted Lower Eastern Shore said, “This is the oldest building in the university.”

Over the years, generations of students have walked the halls of Holloway, making memories to last a lifetime. There’s one student in the building though, one soul, who can’t seem to let go of the past.

Burgoyne said, “People now say it’s sort of mischievous. You know, pushing chairs, riding elevators, screaming to scare people, students back and forth from the hall, yeah more of a mischief maker.”

Mindie Burgoyne says years ago, a student at the University allegedly took her own life in the building.

“So the old story is that there was a girl who committed suicide and she ran down the hall from the dorms screaming the whole way and then threw herself over the railing down to the tile below,” Burgoyne said.

That scene, that terrible tragedy, seems to be repeated to this day.

Burgoyne said, “What the haunting is is the hearing of that scene being replayed.”

The first thing people will experience in the building is a disturbing noise in the distance.

Burgoyne said, “Even today, people hear this screaming or running… screaming, running down the hall and then falling down into the Great Hall.”

But it never happens when there’s a lot of people around.

“It’s always one person alone, they feel like they’re being watched or they’re not alone,” Burgoyne said.

One day, a construction worker had a harrowing experience during renovations.

Burgoyne said, “He was working in an area that they had roped off from the students they weren’t supposed to be there.”

He looked down the hall, saw a student and thought, ‘I’ve got to get her out of here, it’s not safe!’

Burgoyne said, “So he put his tool down and when he turned she was there like phew! And he said ‘I left my tools, I left everything!'”

On another dark night, a woman was cleaning a hallway, minding her own business, when she realized she wasn’t alone.

Burgoyne said, “As she was cleaning, she looked, a chair on its own rolled out right out of the office door in front of her.”

She put the chair back and shut the door afterwards, but the activity isn’t just limited to this area.

Burgoyne said, “The elevator is said to go up and down on its own with no one in it.”

So what’s the reason for all this activity? According to Mindie it’s leftover human emotion from such a tragic event.

Burgoyne said, “Sometimes there’s high injection of human emotion when there is a murder or an accidental death.”

The next time you pass Holloway Hall, just know that there may be more to the building than meets the eye.

Holloway Hall isn’t the only location that’s rumored to be haunted in Salisbury. If you would like to learn what other haunted sites there are, you can attend one of Mindie Burgoyne’s ghost tours. All you have to do to sign up is visit ChesapeakeGhosts.com 

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