Dionte Dutton Trial: Day 4

SALISBURY, Md. – “This is an execution.” -Those are the exact words Maryland States Attorney Kristen Schultz used in her closing argument on Friday to describe a murder that happened at the VFW back in 2017.

“He didn’t even have the nerve to pull the trigger himself,” Schultz said as she pointed across the courtroom at Dionte Dutton, charged in the 2017 murder of Jaquanta Walton, calling Dutton “the worst kind of coward there is.”

But Schultz didn’t stop there during her closing argument. She went on to say, “I don’t know when Salisbury became Compton, but it is.”

Schultz continued on, telling jury members how Walton was killed in cold blood, surrounded by a crowd of about 30 people – none of whom called the police after the bullet hit his chest.

Schultz spoke of Walton himself, saying  “he did not get a judgment jury, he got a bullet to the chest.”

Schultz finished by asking the jury to care, to think of Walton and the law enforcement officers who spent years investigating the case, and to render a guilty verdict.

Dutton’s attorney, Anders Randrup, told the jury this is a case about a series of unconnected events. He told the jury this investigation was flawed from the start, and that the state did not prove their case against Dutton.

Randrup asked the jury to consider the evidence and render a verdict of not guilty.

The jury received instructions and heard closing arguments on Friday afternoon, but deliberations aren’t scheduled to start until Monday morning.

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