Delaware State Police see spike in fatal car accidents in the first state

SEAFORD, Del. – Delaware State Police say they’re seeing a spike in fatal car accidents this year across the entire state. Officials say the majority of these fatal crashes are attributed to some form of distracted driving. Other high-risk behaviors they’re seeing include impaired driving, speeding, and drivers not wearing their seatbelts. Which is why police are now working together to give drivers a few traffic safety reminders that they say will ultimately help save lives.

“Most accidents can be avoidable if you’re just paying attention. Don’t mess with your cell phone, don’t mess with the car stereo, the GPS units. Don’t follow too closely because you never know what the car ahead of you may do. But, you also want to be attentive you might be confident in your driving but you don’t know how the driving of the other vehicles around you are,” said Seaford Police Department Cpl. Eric Chambers.

You can also activate do not disturb while driving which will automatically send a text message to whoever is trying to call you at the time and let them know you’re driving.



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