Cambridge walkway destroyed by heavy wind, coastal flooding

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – The walkway at the Dorchester Visitors Center in Cambridge was destroyed this week by coastal flooding and heavy wind.

David Thompson, a Dorchester County worker said, “We got a lot of rain [on Wednesday] in a little bit of time… it don’t take to much for it to flood.”

Crews from both the county and state were quick to block off access to the walkway on Thursday.

Thompson said, “We don’t want nobody to get hurt.”

Unfortunately, by blocking off access to the walkway, crews also blocked off the only safe way to get to the fishing pier from the Dorchester Visitors Center.

Lynn Stewart, a Cambridge resident said, “We like to run around the neighborhoods on that side of the river, so we are not going to be able to run there until it gets fixed, so we’re kind of bummed about that.”

We’re told plenty of people use this walkway on a daily basis.

Thompson said, “A lot of people will just walk they walk from here up to the foot of the bridge it’s used a lot.”

That’s why many are hoping it gets fixed soon.

Amanda Fenstermaker, the Director of Tourism for Dorchester County said, “We’re anxious to get it back up and running so we can welcome people again.”

We reached out to the County Manager for information on when this walkway might be fixed. Sadly, we were not able to get a hold of him, but crews we spoke with on scene insisted that the walkway will be repaired.

We will update this article when we learn when repairs might start and how long the repairs will take to complete.

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