Breast cancer survivors reflect during 18th Walk for Awareness

SALISBURY, Md. – One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. That’s why hundreds of people gathered in Salisbury’s WinterPlace Park on Saturday, to spread awareness about the disease.

“It’s a worthy cause. And when you’re going through this, this is what you need,” says Vickie Smith, a breast cancer survivor and Salisbury resident.

A sea of pink filled the park on Saturday morning as dozens of breast cancer survivors along with hundreds of their family members and friends came out for the 18th Walk for Awareness.

“The families are a great support group. For me, my family is the best. They just supported me through my whole thing,” says Sara Hoy, a breast cancer survivor and Salisbury resident.

The walk is organized by the local non-profit Women Supporting Women. “What we do at Women Supporting Women is provide awareness, education and support for men and women that have been diagnosed with breast cancer across the Shore,” says Cindy Feist, the executive director for Women Supporting Women.

Survivors say those services are crucial. “If you need to talk, if you need some type of garment, whatever you need they are there for you,” says Smith.

Organizers say their resources often come full circle as survivors reach out a hand to help others who are currently battling breast cancer.

“I think it’s a way for them to come together once a year to meet the people they’ve met through the years. Just to say we’re still here. We’re doing great. And they’re helping us with all the services we’ve help them with continuing on to help us through the year,” says Feist.

It’s that support that makes a world of a difference. “It’s just a great feeling to know that people come out to support you. You’re never by yourself,” says Hoy.

Events like this prove that there’s strength in numbers, a common thread of hope for a cure. “It means that we’re all together. It’s just a group that sticks together. We’re all together. We help each other,” says Hoy.

Women Supporting Women isn’t affiliated with any national chain so all the money they raise, through various events, stays right here in the local community. Next year, they hope to make the even more interactive by getting younger survivors involved.

To learn more about Women Supporting Women’s upcoming events or services: click here.

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