Artists invite community to help paint mural


SALISBURY, Md. – Over 50 people got to make their own little mark in Salisbury on Wednesday and Thursday, and it’s all thanks to two local artists.

Brandon Bell and Deserea Martin invited the entire community to come out and help them paint a giant mural on the side of the Delmarva Veterans Builders building.

In total, between fifty and sixty people came out, all choosing a color and working together to paint one of the flowers on the mural.

Bell and Martin started the mural about two months ago, and have worked day and night since then to complete the artwork.

Bell tells 47 ABC that as soon as he and Martin were given the chance to paint the building, they knew that they wanted to involve the community.

“We felt like we were given a huge opportunity to kind of give back to the community and create something like this, so as soon as we had that chance we were like, ‘okay, what can we do to allow others to have a taste of what we got?'” he said.

Brandon and Deserea tell 47 ABC that the mural should be completely finished by Monday.

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