Worcester Commissioner hopeful his district will see more funding next year

WORCESTER COUNTY, Del. – After a lot of debate, it seems as though two towns in Worcester county could be seeing an increase in funding next year. This all comes after Worcester County commissioner Josh Nordstrom demanded that more county dollars be given to the districts he represents in Snow Hill and Pocomoke City. Apparently at the most recent meeting, all seven commissioners agreed to discuss the possibility of giving those towns money made from the revenue the county makes from their table games at their casinos. Nordstrom tells 47 ABC that those dollars could make a huge difference.

“I believe that it’s going to get done in budget time. I believe that we will be getting a share of that money for Pocomoke and Snow Hill come budget 2021 retroactive to the previous fiscal year so I’m willing to put it on hold until then,” said Nordstrom.

The commissioners should be discussing this proposal in either May or June of next year.

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