Smith Island residents evacuated ahead of potential storm

SMITH ISLAND, Md. – As Hurricane Dorian continues approaching the coast, Somerset County emergency officials offered evacuation opportunities for residents on Smith Island. Emergency officials say both the Maryland Natural Resources Police and Coast Guard helped residents evacuate from both the Ewell and Tylerton area today to bring them to the mainland. Officials tell 47 ABC that they strongly urged residents to consider leaving, especially those with medical conditions. And although they’re not exactly sure how bad the storm will be, officials say it’s better to be safe than sorry.

“They are relatively isolated from the mainland out in the bay and during the height of the storm sometimes essential services are not available. If you’ve got a resident that’s living in an island community and perhaps they’ve got a medical condition and they might need some attention that might be difficult to get to them during the height of the storm,” said Somerset County Department of Emergency Services Public Information Officer, Julie Widdowson.

Safety officials add that if residents decide to stay on the island, they should have an emergency kit and plan ready just in case.

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