Salisbury will soon switch to renewable energy

SALISBURY, Md. – Soon, the City of Salisbury will become more environmentally sustainable.

Salisbury just secured a long-term contract that will guarantee clean, renewable electricity for the city. This energy will be 100% wind-based.

Clean electricity purchased under this contract will power city street lights, traffic lights and city facilities like the Salisbury Police and Fire buildings.

The city is partnering with Constellation Energy Resources to make this happen. Through this partnership, we’re told the city could save upwards of $200,000 annually.

Mayor Jake Day says while residents won’t experience the benefits directly, they could see the benefits in their tax dollars.

Mayor Jake Day said, “It keeps our tax rates low. We’re proud that for three years running, we’ve been able to keep our taxes flat in Salisbury, no tax increases, and we hope to keep that running for as long as we can and this is how you get there, by managing every cost that comes into the city and one of those is electricity.”

The contract will go into effect in June of 2020, and end in June of 2025.

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