Massey’s Ditch dredging set to begin in November

LONG NECK, Del. – There’s some good news for boaters who use the Massey’s Ditch Channel. Dredging is finally set to begin in November. The waterway, which has caused some problems for boaters over the years due to it being so shallow, is scheduled to be dredged either on or a little after November 1st. Officials tell 47 ABC the project had been delayed after no acceptable bids were received. But once bids were redistributed DNREC was finally able to partner with a contractor who is ready to make this project happen.

“It’s great for our boating community, people who use our waterways, and it’s great for the environment as well. There are a number of environmental benefits to having these waterways dredge and get that water flow going in and out,” said Delaware Senator Brian Pettyjohn (R) SD-19.

A pre-construction meeting is scheduled to take place on September 16th, to ensure that everything goes over smoothly.

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