House destroyed by early morning fire

EASTON, Md. – In the span of just minutes, an Easton man’s home, his belongings, everything was gone. This after a Sunday morning blaze ripped through the two-story structure.

“It’s very devastating,” said the Easton Fire Department Chief Sonny Jones.

“He lost his home, he lost all of his belongings,” said Jones.

“It’s totally gone,” said Billy Daffin, a friend of the homeowner.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Daffin.

The incident happened on Rest Circle in Easton around 6:20 AM.

For hours dozens of firefighters responding from fire companies in Easton, St. Micheals, and Trappe were on scene doing everything they could to put out the fire that had spread and destroyed objects outside of the home.

“Prior to fire department arrival, the fire had extended and caught his vehicle on the driveway as well,” said Jones.

Firefighters say the homeowner bravely jumped from a first-story window at the back of the house in order to escape from the fire.

“It’s incredible that he was able to get out through the window and get away from the fire,” said Daffin.

According to Easton Fire Department Chief Sonny Jones, the owner of the home likely inadvertently saved his life.

“The homeowner had his bedroom door closed,” said Jones.

“That’s very, very important because it prevented a lot of that smoke, which could have rendered him unconscious or done harm to him,” said Jones.

It is devastating news that community members say is still hard to swallow.

“It’s hard to imagine something like this happening,” said Daffin.

“You hear about things, but you never actually see it in person most of the time,” said Daffin.

Despite the loss, we are told the homeowner is now staying at a neighbor’s home in hopes of moving forward.

Easton firefighters say they believe the blaze originated from the homeowner’s garage. The cause of this incident is still under investigation.

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