Future of Worcester Co. mobile home park remains ‘up in the air’

BERLIN, Md. – The fate of some residents living year round in a mobile home park is still up in the air. Recently the Worcester County Planning Commission shot down an amendment recommendation that would allow residents to live in White Horse Park year round. Officials say the community was originally built for seasonal usage, but over time people ended up staying there long term. Worcester County Commissioners, who have the final say, tell 47 ABC that if they voted in favor of letting them stay they would have to raise water and sewer taxes since homes are metered individually. But if they vote against this, that would mean dozens of elderly, disabled, and veteran residents would be without a home.

“This is not going to be an easy decision, and we are going to make people upset regardless of what we decide, it’s going to make people upset. And it’s just one of those things that we cannot get out of, and there’s a no win situation there for us. For the county. It’s unfortunate, and it’s unfortunate that it got this far,” said Worcester County Commissioner, Josh Nordstrom.

Commissioners have yet to review any of the proposed amendment changes.

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