Eight-year-old spreading kindness through Delaware


LAUREL, Del. – One little girl in Laurel is making it her mission to spread kindness.

Layla Gainer is eight years old but started Project Sparkle On with her mom, Jessica, a year-and-a-half ago after she started doing random acts of kindness, but then wanted to do more.

On Saturday, the duo, along with some sponsors, hosted an event where kids could come dance, eat, paint rocks, and learn more about Project Sparkle On.

Her mom says she’s proud that Layla has such an interest in spreading kindness, and now, they want to continue to share that through Project Sparkle On.

“It is an attempt to bring kindness back into the communities as well as teaching our youth the importance of giving back through volunteering and community service,” Jessica Gainer said.

Anyone interested in learning more about Project Sparkle on or getting their kids involved can visit their Facebook page.

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