Delaware lawmakers seek to ban flavored e-cigarettes

DOVER, Del. – Following health concerns with e-cigarettes and vaping, a couple of Delaware lawmakers are looking to ban flavored e-cigarettes in the first state. Currently state representatives Debra Heffernan, Melissa Minor-Brown, and Krista Griffith are working together to draft legislation. Lawmakers tell 47 ABC that they’re trying to crack down on companies who are offering these different flavors, which can often tempt teens to use them. This proposal comes almost a week after Delaware health officials joined a nationwide investigation into outbreak of lung-illnesses that may be connected with vaping.

“This is going to help with all of our young people that are getting addicted to nicotine and attracted to the flavors of these e-cigarette’s and the vaping, jewel products,” said Representative Heffernan (D) District 6.

Heffernan adds that the proposed ban will be introduced in January at the start of the next legislative session.

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