Delaware beaches preparing ahead of Hurricane Dorian

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. – While Dorian’s path is always changing, Delaware beaches aren’t taking any chances.

“Currently, we’re getting all our equipment off the beach. There’s supposed to be high storm surge so we want to make sure all our stuff is secure so we don’t lose anything with the high waves and surf coming up,” says Aaron Tartal, Chief of the Rehoboth Beach Patrol.

Rehoboth Beach Patrol is getting ready for anything Hurricane Dorian might bring their way. That includes reminding beach goers about the rough surf that a storm like this can create.

“Anytime there’s rip currents or high surf it’s extremely dangerous to go out whether you’re an experienced swimmer or a novice,” says Tartal.

The easiest way to make sure it’s safe to swim is by checking the flags at the beach patrol or by simply checking with a lifeguard. “It’s always better that if you’re not comfortable to find a lifeguard and talk to them, they’ll give you the best advice they can give you,” says Tartal.

For now, the Rehoboth Beach Patrol is staying on high alert because as everyone knows Mother Nature is unpredictable.

“Seven to twelve foot waves, I’m sure there’s a chance that could change but all we can do is hope that the beach doesn’t take too much of a beating and that we still have it when the storm moves through,” says Tartal.

It’s also important to remember that right now only a half a mile of Rehoboth’s beaches are monitored by lifeguards instead of the full mile and a half. So if you do get in the water, the safest place to be is between the Henlopen Hotel and Hickman street.

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