Crisfield boat docking competition draws in thousands


CRISFIELD, Md. – It’s the super bowl of boat docking, and people say it’s a homecoming of sorts. We’re talking about the Crisfield Boat Docking Competition.

“It’s the Crisfield boat docking, it’s the greatest extravaganza that there is,” Buddy Ward, President of the Crisfield Area Chamber of Commerce, said.

Dozens of boats sailed in to be right on the Chesapeake Bay for the 48th annual event.

“It is a motor-sport event that you will only see on the Chesapeake Bay, nowhere else in the world, the boat docking contest, it is amazing, truly amazing,” Ward said.

The event draws in large and small boats, captains with experience and youthful exuberance. For some, this is their first taste of the competition.

“It’s my first time, I’ve heard a lot about it, I knew it was here, but this is the first time we actually drove down and came to it,” Fred Selby, one visitor, said.

But some make it an annual tradition.

“I’ve been here for about the last four years,” Gary Smith, another visitor, said.

There’s a lot of boats sailing in, and a lot of people benefiting from this event.

“We’re going to be giving money to our local fire department, police department, sheriff’s department, ambulance squad, everybody that is here to help us, we’re here to help them,” Ward said.

So it’s a way to raise money, but also a way to show thousands of people all that Crisfield has to offer.

“Anytime you can bring two or 3,000 people to Crisfield’s doorstep, it’s a good thing,” Ward said.

And there’s one agreement all around: you won’t find an event like this anywhere else.

“They do it back home, but it’s not as good as this one, this is the original, this is the best,” Smith said.

This year the champion receive a new prize, which will be an engraved ring.

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