Community discusses grant money for housing on the shore

DENTON, Md. – In Maryland, the public is helping shape plans for development along the Eastern Shore.

On Wednesday in Denton people in the community were invited to a meeting with the Department of Housing and Community Development.

During that meeting, community members talked about a consolidated plan that will help state leaders distribute grant money for housing.

The money will help with CAPER or the 2018 Consolidated Plan Annual Performance and Evaluation Report, which is designed to help find funding for low-income families in the area.

“This area needs help as well as the rest of the state and we don’t get as much as we have, so we look at the HC, we look at HUD to help our municipality as well as Caroline County and get our share of the pot,” said Donald Mulrine, the Denton Town Administrator.

Both state and the community hope to construct a plan that can provide decent housing, a suitable living environment and more.

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