Comcast Outage causes delays and hurts businesses

Salisbury, Md – The work week got off to a rough start for many in Wicomico County as wide-spread Comcast outage caused headaches for businesses and residents alike.

The outage impacted cable and internet services for a large area. Many stores and restaurants switched were not able to use credit cards. Meanwhile, the Salisbury Regional Airport also faced delays.

“It’s been slowed down everywhere, all day and so you know it’s affected us dramatically and it’s shown a weakness in our internet capacity here,” said Del. Carl Anderton Jr. (R) D-38B. “A lot of your bigger retail chains like WalMart and places like that have satellite communication so they were able to continuous plan but, a lot of those smaller shops were really hurt today.”

As of one in the morning Tuesday, the Xfinity page still showed the Comcast outage was affecting roughly more than 2,500 in the area. Although reports came into 47 ABC that some got their service back as early as 9:20 p.m. after being without service all day.

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