City of Crisfield gets break during Friday’s storm

CRISFIELD, Md.  – The rain was certainly coming down in Crisfield, Friday. But it seems as though they’ll be getting through this storm with hardly any issues. City officials tell 47 ABC that for the most part, all of the roads were clear and they didn’t see any of the flooding from the potential tropical storm that they thought they could have. They say during high tide is usually when the worst of the flooding happens but this time around, it’s a different story. And while the storm didn’t hit Crisfield as bad as they thought, officials say they’re still happy that everyone came prepared.

“So far we haven’t had any street flooding to speak of. There are puddles everywhere of course but no flooding. We haven’t had to call in any street closures or anything like that. I think we’re all just waiting it out and hoping that maybe we’ll dodge another big one this time,” said city manager Rick Pollitt.

The city says they will still be in touch with emergency officials as they continue to monitor the weather conditions. To find any updates you can go to the City of Crisfield’s Facebook page or website.

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