47 ABC gets bird’s eye view of Thunder Over Dover Air Show

DOVER, Del. – The Thunder Over Dover Air Show kicks off on Saturday, and as part of the show, people will be able to watch as planes soar through the sky doing flips, turns, and spins.

“It’s a pretty capable aerobatic airplane,” Pilot Dave Coller said of a plane he flew around with our crew on Thursday.

So after 47 ABC’s Deana Harley buckled into a flaming red two-seater, they were off, soaring over Dover, getting a bird’s eye view of what these pilots see every day.

“As you could see we could roll at 360 degrees a second and do all kinds of loops, and barrel rolls, and snap rolls,” Coller said after landing.

But if that’s not enough action for you, just wait until you hear what other aircraft will be able to do at the Thunder Over Dover Air Show this weekend, including one special one.

“It’s a 1930s biplane but we’ve added a jet engine to the bottom of it,” Coller said. “It can pull up into a hover, stop there, just to trek around the sky, all the way from 0 miles an hour to 250 miles an hour right across the runway.”

If you’re more of a keep-your-feet-on-the-ground type of person, there’s still plenty for you to enjoy at the Air Show.

“In addition to some static displays, aircraft sitting on the ground that you can walk up to, walk into in some cases,” Coller said.

So whether you’re a thrill seeker like these pilots, or prefer to be grounded, Coller has one message for you.

“Feed your wild side,” he said.

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