Worcester officials eye changes to rental properties

SNOW HILL, Md. – Worcester County Commissioners discussed changed to rentals in the county, on Tuesday.

County officials are looking at four different bills to create a Countywide Rental License Program. However, after a public hearing they actually voted to table the bills today. The bills could change things like who can stay in rentals, how many parking spaces rental properties need to have, as well as what “short” versus “long” term rentals are defined as. County residents tell 47 ABC they’re glad the commissioners voted to take a harder look before they approve any rental changes.

“I think the Coastal Association of Realtors brought up valid concerns. The renters are most likely not going to be related or that it could be two families renting a house, so in that regard that is a very valid concern and the square footage. So they brought up really good points and those points need to be addressed by the commissioners,” says Susan Jones, the executive director for the Hotel Motel Restaurant Association (HMRA) in Ocean City.

One thing that many people agreed on is that rental properties should have a licensing requirement but how that happens is still to be determined. It’s not clear when county commissioners will bring these bills back for discussion.

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