Sussex Tech looks to build new school

SUSSEX Co., Del. – The Sussex Technical School District is looking to construct a brand new school building.

Superintendent Stephen Guthrie said, “We are at a point where the existing facility is failing.”

Sussex Tech is riddled with issues. Part of the exterior is cracking and bowing, the roof is covered in patches and the HVAC systems in the building don’t work well together.

Guthrie said, “There are many many issues.”

The School District has already spent $14 million making repairs on the school over the last few years, and they believe they would save money down the line by building a new school altogether.

Guthrie said, “We can do better through a new building. More efficiency, saving money in operational costs, and actually provide an educational environment a better educational environment for our students.”

The new school would be built behind the existing one. It would cost roughly $150 million to construct, whereas renovating the old one would cost about $190 million.

Guthrie said, “So we’re looking at about a 40 million dollar difference between renovation and a new building.”

If the district receives approval to build this new school, Sussex County residents would have to fork up roughly $3 a month to help with construction costs.

Guthrie said, “So because the cost is spread out throughout a number of residents in Sussex County, you’re talking about the cost of a cup of coffee a month.”

Sussex County residents we spoke to on Tuesday say they don’t mind because they believe investing in our future is worth it.

Nathan Campbell, a Sussex County resident said, “As long as all three dollars goes towards that school I would have no problem doing that.”

The School District still needs to prepare a Certificate of Necessity to submit to the Delaware Department of Education. If the Department determines there is a need for the new school, they would approve it, and then legislators would have to approve it from there.

It would take a total of about four years for the new school to be constructed.

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