Sussex County family thankful stray bullet that entered home missed sleeping children

SUSSEX COUNTY, Del. – It was a quiet Tuesday night at one Frankford home on the 35000 block of Farm House Lane, until a stray bullet slashed through windows and walls from the neighboring woods.

Six people were home at the time, including three children who were asleep on their bed, just a foot or two below the bullet’s path.

“I have never been so scared in my life,” one of the occupants, Allison Benson, said. “(It) changes your perspective a little, like anything can happen so fast. So fast. And it was so close.”

While Tom Zinzser went outside to investigate, Allison tended to the children, ages 14-, 10- and 6-years old.

“Reminding them that everything was OK, that everyone’s safe, that were alright. Not worry about the what-ifs. Just be grateful,” Benson said.

Zinszer says he has been visiting the family-owned home for three decades, adding that sounds of gunshots are not uncommon from these woods

“It was never a big deal to us. We have State land behind us, so with deer stands, so we know that there’s people hunt all around us,” Zinszer said.

The only damage left behind are a few holes that now need to be patched. But it could’ve turned out much different.

They now hope this can serve as a reminder, if you decide to use a firearm to be responsible.

“Don’t be dumb when you shoot. It’s that simple. If you’re not supposed to be doing it at 10:45 at night, don’t do it,” Tom Zinszer bluntly stated.

As of this time there is no suspect information available – it is now being handled by the Delaware State Police Criminal Investigative Unit.  If you have information on this investigation, you’re asked to call Delaware State Police at 302-856-5850.

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