Shark washes ashore in Rehoboth Beach, put in trash can

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. – Beach-goers in Rehoboth Beach are disappointed and disgusted after a shark that washed ashore on Sunday was thrown into a trash can right on the beach.

“It doesn’t take much to figure that out, you don’t put that shark in the trashcan especially if you’ve got people coming on the beach,” one beach-goer, Richard Strickland, said.

That’s the reaction from a lot of people in Rehoboth Beach after the shark washed ashore and was taken away by lifeguards to a nearby trash can.

“Our protocol is to place dead marine life in trash bags, and then public works will come along, pick them up, and go bury them,” Rehoboth Beach Beach Patrol Captain Kent Buckson said.

But that protocol, to place dead marine life in bags, wasn’t followed on Sunday. Instead, the shark was placed in a trash can, and beach patrol says that that’s the problem.

“Where it kind of went wrong this day was they actually placed the shark into the trash can and I think that perception was not a good one to put out there for the public to see,” Buckson said.

And that’s what has people reacting – the idea of placing any sort of marine life in a trash can, and leaving it there.

“I think at the end of the day you’re not supposed to throw out the shark, nobody looks at a shark and thinks ‘let’s put this thing in the trashcan,'” another visitor, Connor Gross, said.

But Beach Patrol says they’re listening, and that they understand where things went wrong.

“I’m not going to sit here and say that we did everything right, because I know that putting it in the trash can was the wrong thing to do,” Buckson said.

They say the experience has been a learning curve for all of them.

“We’ve addressed that internally, and I can assure you and the public that going forward no marine life will be placed in the trash can, it will always be put into a trash bag and then removed,” Buckson said.

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